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This guest page provides anyone with the possibility to present his or her view of the year 2029. Write something of your own experiences, impressions, opinions which supplement the describtion of S. Flor. I would also be pleased to hear about other "reports from the future". 

Although being a pensioner by now, I am still active in my profession - having studied agricultural science I always worked as a marketing expert for natural food products. Over the last years I contributed to the development of distribution channels for these products in the Cologne area. It may sound somewhat immodest, but I am certainly a witness for a process which commenced in the seventies with enthusiastic experiments, followed by a phase of professionalization in subsequent years, and led to the establishment of completely new structures over the last decades. 
I remember quite vividly the feeling of disillusion I had at the turn of the century. Sure, the label "biological" was well established at that time and the "market segment" produced satisfying growth rates. But I was well aware that this niche provided a good excuse for a development in the conventional food sector which was bound for disaster. And the niche itself? Certainly, our certificates proving the "biological" content of our products weren`t a trick.  However, the overall production process was far from being in accordance with ecological principles: consumption pattern forced us to offer "convenience products" wrapped in materials described by my colleagues with the euphemism "compromise"; if all input resources like package or transportation would have been taken into account the overall "eco" balance would not have been very favourable. Today I would confess that it was us, the activists of the first hour who had made a living out of their initiative, who were largely to blame for the paralysis of the first ecological wave.
Only the modified economic conditions of the last twenty-five years allowed us to develop a natural food production which really deserves this label. It is the demand on the regional level which propels innovations in this field, certainly a process which has not come to an end. Before having read "Flatlander" by S. Flor I might have considered the last sentence to be a good conclusion. But this short "message" reminded me to understand progress not only as something which goes on and on on the same track; we have to be prepared to jump on a different level!
 © Sven Guentler, Cologne
(translated by R.S.)