Rolf Schröder

Jenseits des Marktes
Ansätze öko-sozialen Wirtschaftens aus neo-libertärer Sicht

Mit einem Nachwort von S. Flor

Haag + Herchen, Frankfurt/M. 1992

Social systems are like sand-glasses - they have their time and then need to be turned around. This is important in respect of the social and ecological challenges of our time which cannot be solved within the existing institutional framework of state and market.  In particular the epilogue (of the year 2029) illustrates the opportunities beyond this established spectrum. The perspective of a dual economy allows also to take a fresh look on what covers the very first pages of almost all economics textbooks: the neo-classic economic theory. It is deplorabel that the dispute with regard to these theoretical fundamentals has become a static exchange of positions whether they are (neo-classic) "pro-market" or "pro-state". Taking up these positions Schröder explains them in the historic context of their origin. The book is an important contribution to turn the sand-glass around.
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