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SF - The concept for "social fiction"

 Sorry to anyone who expected to find under SF something about Science Fiction. The "social fiction" concept strives to go back to the roots of "utopias" more closely related to the tradition of Thomas Morus. Since the publication of his book in 1516 the way utopias are constructed has been changed and will, we are convinced, continue to be changed.
   Presently, visions are high in demand, but where can one find the actual view towards a new dimension? This may also be due to the fact that the term utopia comprises such a totality that its meaning tends to be turned into nothing. Therefore it was decided not to use it in this concept. A feature of the approach presented here pleads in favour of "new borders". SF is not purely fantastic literature; it is rationally constructed - you can believe this to be the future. However, to set a border is always an arbitrary act. Thus, there are many examples of good Science Fiction which fulfil the above criterion; Eric Frank Russel "... And Then There Were None" is a good example. Many classic Science Fiction authors were driven not only by possible innovations in Science and Technology, but also in social life. For "social fiction", however, man comes definitely first (critics may express their protest, but nobody has shown yet how to overcome anthropocentrism). SF looks for the NEW not in the infinity of outer space, but in front of our feet.
   This is a response to the social and ecological problems of our time. It is meant to be an offer to those who are not satisfied with the practical results of their private, professional, scientific or political activities, who are discontent with the exclamation marks put behind top-down solutions provided within the existing institutional framework. The dual economy of the year 2029 described by  S. Flor illustrates the concept of "social fiction". Hopefully, it will motivate readers to present their view of the future, whether it will be in accordance with the reports of  S. Flor or show a different picture. The example of a dual economy also shows that "social fiction" is not going to be instrumentalized by existing institutions. Utopia, New Perspective, Vision - these terms have become trivial, because they are utilized for the business plans of whatever enterprise. It has to be emphasized that the SF-concept will hardly be useful in promoting individual careers and helping to earn a six-digit annual income!
   This website contains also present-day information about the work of Rolf Schröder. This is not an integral part of the SF-concept, it is an example of the interaction between SF and one of many domains, in this case economic theory. The sketch below illustrates the concept of SF as a  meeting point: bring in your own experiences and creativity, meet people with different backgrounds, and carry SF-visions back into your own domain. Whereever you may gather these experiences - in the private sphere or in the arena of public discussions - the question marks left open there, can be ... no, not replaced, but put forward and better understood. S. Flor describes a land with new borders; perhaps you also have a friend from the land of two dimensions who helps you to go beyond existing borders. Your participation is welcomed by the SF organizer: .

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